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Hannover Messe 2019: MES and analytics by Dürr – synchronicity and networking in plant engineering

Bietigheim-Bissingen, 13 March 2019 – By adding IIoT-technologies to the existing unique combination of plant engineering and MES, Dürr enhances its software portfolio with intelligent analytics functionalities. Real-time information and control facilitate powerful algorithms to redefine the borders of today’s production landscape. Dürr will be presenting the new digital solutions at the Hannover Messe (HMI) at booth A 34 in hall 7.

As an expert in plant and mechanical engineering, Dürr has extensive expertise in the functionality and behavior of plants and machines. Dürr has already been providing tailored software solutions such as the iTAC.MES.Suite for the automotive, electrical, and component industry (tier 1) in cooperation with its subsidiary iTAC Software AG for many years. The joint establishment of ADAMOS GmbH with several well-known market-leaders extends the existing portfolio with essential IIoT platform components. Thus, the synergies between MES and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are considered throughout each phase of the service lifecycle, including design and development. Through a central digital factory, these synergies are enhanced across software solutions to create a single solution for Dürr’s customers.  

The challenge when controlling logistics and material flow lies in the complex process dependencies as well as the growing variant diversity. This trend is reflected in the requirements for the central MES system iTAC.MES.Suite. Dürr enables a centralized end-to-end material flow control through an intelligent collaboration between sequencing, storage control, and the control of automated guided vehicles (AGV). Calculating the optimal production sequence in real time using Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) results in a continuous adaptation of the production sequence according to the actual conditions. These calculations are then implemented by means of a rule-based storage control system. In the production of the future, however, central high-bay storage areas will not be the sole factor influencing the production flow. The integration of automated guided vehicles will offer additional flexibility and space-saving layouts in comparison with traditional conveyor concepts.

The established plant maintenance and servicing methods are struggling to keep up with the increased requirements in terms of availability and quality. The solution can be found in the data that is already being generated by a majority of equipment and robots. The EcoScreen Maintenance Assistant from Dürr is an intelligent solution for monitoring maintenance activities and guided servicing. Current maintenance tasks are generated by means of static and dynamic maintenance intervals. In the future, maintenance activities will be further optimized by messages and forecasts automatically generated (machine learning) with the help of Dürr’s EcoScreen Equipment Analytics software.

Dürr’s digital service solutions will open up new doors in the control, management, and analysis of plants and production data. Driven by the digital@DÜRR strategy, with the industrial standards are being redefined together with iTAC and ADAMOS.

Dürr will be presenting the new digital solutions at the Hannover Messe (HMI) at booth A 34 in hall 7. In addition to Dürr Systems AG as a mechanical and plant engineering company, the Dürr subsidiary iTAC Software AG as a global MES provider and DUALIS GmbH IT Solution as a specialist in advanced planning and scheduling (APS) will also be exhibiting there alongside the IIoT platform provider ADAMOS GmbH and the digital IoT marketplace LOXEO.