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ENVEX 2019: Dürr Korea, Inc. presents the next generation of air pollution control solutions to address South Korea’s growing environmental regulations

Seoul, May 8th, 2019 – Dürr Korea, Inc. showcases cutting-edge and efficient air pollution control systems for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the Ecopure® family at ENVEX, May 15-17, 2019 in Seoul. Everyone concerned with stricter environmental regulations in the future can find out how their businesses can benefit from the global leader’s wide environmental technology product range.

ENVEX is South Korea’s biggest international exhibition on environmental technology and green energy, receiving a large number of domestic and overseas interested parties. “We are aware that acute air pollution and brown smog are a matter of grave concern for South Korean businesses. Every year the environmental protection regulations to curb industrial emissions are becoming more and more stringent. At ENVEX we present Dürr as the one-stop-shop with our extended product portfolio of industrial environmental purifiers for exhaust containing dangerous solvents, unpleasant odors, VOCs and liquid residues,” says Martin Rotermund, President and CEO of Dürr Korea, Inc.

VOCs are emitted from many production processes in the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. The latest versions of Dürr´s Ecopure® RTO and Ecopure® CRC presented at ENVEX, can reliably and economically reach the anticipated future emissions limit in South Korea.

Ecopure® RTO is based on a highly efficient thermal process which is used to clean solvent containing noxious odor and exhaust air. This solution can achieve a purification level of over 99.8% and is extremely efficient with low-maintenance design and low operating expenditure. A global leader in the shipbuilding industry in South Korea has already eliminated over 90% of hazardous air pollutants generated by their painting facility by using the Ecopure® RTO.

Ecopure® CRC is based on the sorptive process, particularly suitable for purifying large exhaust air volume flows with low pollutant burdens, where direct cleaning – for example in a regenerative thermal exhaust air cleaning plant – would be uneconomical.

Faced with South Korea’s clamouring need to treat exhaust air, the environment industry is looking for alternatives to dispose of critical exhaust gases and liquid residues safely. At the exhibition, Dürr also presents Ecopure® DFTO, which is the ideal solution for such requirements, as it is adaptable to a wide range of pollutants. Based on the thermal process, Ecopure® DFTO can even get rid of exhaust gases in explosive compositions without any problems. All systems in the Ecopure® portfolio are effective for industries like automobile, chemical and semiconductor looking to control its emissions and stay within the regulatory limits.

Dürr’s Clean Technology Systems (CTS) division has over 50 years’ experience with over 10,000 air pollution control systems worldwide, making it the market leader. In 2018, Dürr’s acquisition of United States based environmental technology group Megtec/Universal considerably diversified its product range and enhanced its global footprint. With additional resources at key global locations, Dürr has emerged as a single supplier of industrial exhaust-air purification and acoustic solutions. Through the acquisition of Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth GmbH (LTB) in 2013 and KBA-CleanAir in 2016, Dürr Clean Technology Systems expanded its expertise.

At ENVEX visitors get a chance to experience these multifaceted and innovative air pollution control systems in hall A, booth G30. Dürr’s expert team will assist buyers to learn more about the diverse equipment and technology portfolio.