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Installed Ecopure® RTO- Air Pollution Control System

Dürr Clean Technology Systems at IFAT 2018

Bietigheim-Bissingen, April 20th, 2018 – Dürr’s Clean Technology Systems Division, the environmental technology and energy efficiency business of Dürr Systems AG, has been around for 50 years. During this time, numerous innovative technologies in the field of air pollution control and energy efficiency have been developed for a wide variety of industrial sectors. Dürr will present their entire product range at IFAT 2018, the world's leading trade fair for environmental technologies, May 14 to 18, 2018 in Munich.

Due to changes in legal requirements, the subject of air pollution control in the coming years will again become important for many industrial sectors. The importance of the Best Available Technology (BAT) references in the European Industrial Emissions Directive (IED, 2010/75/ EU) and in national regulations was recently significantly strengthened. In addition, the emission limits for several individual substances and certain applications have been further reduced. Of course, this will be taken into account in the forthcoming revision of the German air pollution control regulation, “TA Luft”.

Dürr has developed new, highly efficient and, above all, future-proof solutions for the treatment of harmful, solvent-laden, or odor-intensive emissions. Furthermore, Dürr also offers energy efficiency and energy storage technologies for a variety of applications, including the following industries:

• Printing, coating, and packaging
• Food and animal feed (odor removal)
• Chemical and pharmaceutical
• Sewage treatment plants
• Hazardous waste treatment

Air pollution control equipment is increasingly becoming an important part of production facilities. Economic advantages can be achieved with integrated planning by utilizing the energy of the emitted pollutants. The 600 employees worldwide of Dürr’s Clean Technology Systems Division support customers in the planning phase, driven by the common goal to find the most efficient and reliable solution with the lowest operating costs for the respective production process.

Thanks to numerous innovations, cooperation with universities and the drive for continuous development, Dürr is a leader in energy efficiency and longevity. The product portfolio includes:

• Regenerative thermal oxidizer systems (Ecopure® RTO)
• Direct fired thermal oxidizer systems (Ecopure® VAR)
• Low pressure and high pressure catalytic oxidation systems (Ecopure® LPX and Ecopure® HPX)
• VOC concentration systems (Ecopure® KPR)
• Selective catalytic reduction systems (Ecopure® SCR)
• Wet and dry absorption systems (Ecopure® PAS)
• Flue gas scrubber systems (Ecopure® FGA)

Dürr designs and manufactures all systems individually to meet customer expectations. Based on the experience gained from more than 4,000 installations worldwide and through the availability of different designs and types of equipment, a large variance in requirements and specifications ranging from simple to highly complex for application flows ranging from 1,000 to more than 300,000 m³/h can be covered both technically and economically.

Dürr’s Clean Technology Systems Division is one of the world's largest and most experienced suppliers of cutting-edge technologies for air pollution control. At IFAT, Dürr will be represented at the Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i) shared booth as a member of the ClustAir industry cluster at Stand 431/530 in Hall A1. Baden-Württemberg International is the competence center of the State of Baden-Württemberg for the internationalization of industry and commerce. ClustAir is a consortium of companies involved in air pollution control with the goal to offer complete solutions worldwide from a single source.

Generate electricity from biomass and waste
An emerging alternative technology that can be used for (secondary) heat recovery is the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. With the ORC technology, the existing energy of residues can be economically converted into electricity and useful heat. This can generate additional revenue and increase the electricity supply. There are also funding programs available to assist investing in ORC modules.

Waste materials are already being used for energy in many places. Established procedures include the generation and conversion of biogas, sewage gas, and landfill gas, as well as the firing of solid biomass. ORC solutions increase the energy efficiency of processes and increase cost-effectiveness. The flexible ORC platform from Dürr Cyplan not only offers the classic interfaces, such as thermal oil and hot water, but also offers the option of direct utilization of hot gas or steam without an intermediate circuit. As a result, even small waste heat potentials can be used economically.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth and answering your questions on air pollution control! For entry vouchers and appointments, please contact us at


ORC technology uses the waste heat from combustion processes to generate electricity.